Monday, October 4, 2010

Where was I?

Im currently enjoying my school holidays...without the babies :) Although I have some days off from work, I am still paying daycare for the kids so they are enjoying their time at school while I perform some serious retail therapy.

I havent been too constructive during the hols but have spent lots of me time, which was desparately needed. I have become addicted to food blogs and am obsessed with buying a pettiskirt for Madison. I keep telling myself Ill get it for Christmas (to justify the expense of course).
The kids are great! As we fast approach Christmas, its hard to believe that Madison will soon be 3 and Cameron 18months old. Where have my babies gone? Cameron last week had his first haircut and now looks like a boy not a bub. His collection of words is growing every week, with his most recent being "please".

Madison is also growing so fast. She has great conversations with everyone, including everyone we walk past on the street. "Hi lady" she calls out. Lots of things are beautiful, including Mummy (*heart*) but Cameron is "so cute".

Im one lucky lady.

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Jane Impromptu said...

Yay for a new Mummy blog :)Cute stuff Brooke.