Thursday, September 3, 2009

Blogging is cool

Thought I'd give this blog thing a go again. Ive been reading others blogs and they are awesome, will have to figure out how to link them somehow. Thanks ladies on EB, you keep me entertained when Im cruising the net aimlessly.

I wonder why I spend time on the computer when there is so much else to be done! I think thats the reason - there is too much to be done so if I hide in cyber space, it doesnt need my attention haha. I figure it will get done eventually (cleaning fairy where are you?) I actually had my mum suggest that she come around one day and we clean together *blush*. I figure as long as we are fed, wearing clean clothes, I mustnt be doing such a bad job.

Since the last post, I have 'aquired' another child :) Cameron Rhys was born on Friday 19th July and makes a perfect balance to sister Madison. He is a very easy going soul and is not fussed by much. Its hard to believe that he is 11 weeks old as I type this!

Hopefully this will not be my last post for another year!

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